The Right Place for Mom and Dad -- What are the Options?

The Right Place for Mom and Dad -- What are the Options?

Our parents age and need help, no matter how much we may not wish for them to.  Part of your responsibility as their child is to make sure that they are always cared for in the best way possible.  When it comes to your own Mom and Dad, do you know what the options are for a safe and enjoyable place to live? 

What living options do seniors have?
  • In-home care: Whether a companion or helper is required, in-home care is a great option as long as your parents are safe. It will allow them to enjoy their own space with a bit of help as they need it.  This is often a great step when they are otherwise healthy and is not looking to move.
  • A senior’s retirement community: This is a great opinion intended for long-term help when your parents want to be social but needs assistance with a few things.  Quite a few homes will even offer different “wings” for those who need different kinds of care.
  • Assisted living: This is often an option in a retirement community where your parents can have some support while still enjoying the same community and social life that she was able to before.  This often includes medical assistance in combination with companion care.  Many communities will allow people to move to this level of care if the independent level isn't adequate. 
  • :Long-term care homes: These are facilities meant for those that need significant care.  For example, those with dementia or Parkinson's disease.  Long-term care staff are trained to provide nursing and physical care for even the most physically needy individuals.  

Making the choice

 If you aren’t entirely sure what to do when it comes to which of these is the right decision, the good news is that you don’t have to decide on your own.

The decision quite often will rest with your parents' doctor as well as other health professionals that will be able to make a formal recommendation based on what they determine to be the safest option for her.  For some, a retirement community or assisted living residence may provide all the care and support she needs over the long term.  However, others may benefit more from in-home care only. If you are concerned that your mom or dad needs some support, talk to them and their doctor to explore available options in your community.
If you are looking for assistance locating a home or resources for your loved one, you can reach out to our consulting team at or visit our consulting page for more information. Our Discover 3 program offers decision-makers and seniors an opportunity to have a professional consultant identify three housing solutions based on their needs.
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