Developing a Canadian Seniors' Service Directory

Developing a Canadian Seniors' Service Directory

Until recently, if you were asked to describe services for seniors the response would likely be ‘Home Care’, ‘Retirement Home’ or ‘Stair Lifts’.  The reality is, today’s seniors are much more sophisticated than our grandparents, and given the extended longevity due to technology, medicine and health, today’s seniors are an active and involved demographic.

Try searching for a senior service provider now!

What we see today is what we have traditionally considered as a ‘senior’ (65 year old) being very active, yet caring for their 85+ parents who are considered the senior.  This 65-year-old is tech savvy and has little hesitation to ‘Google’ for answers or search for services.  In fact, the 65 year old is supported by the 45 year old as well as the 20 year old…when it comes to technology.
This ability to search for answers and services has fueled a new age where service providers are struggling between marketing their services in a traditional manner such as newspaper, flyers and store front signage and the age of ‘Google’ and ‘Social Media’.  The internet is not going away anytime soon and many service providers are still scrambling to claim their spot.  In addition, those savvy family members of seniors are and will always be in need of services specific to senior needs and wants.  These people are left to manage the massive and often confusing online search for these supports, services and products.  Up ‘till now, Canadian Seniors did not have a single point of online resources to locate these senior services, yet a Canadian Company called Lifestyle55+ Network Inc. has launched a site that aims to allow senior service providers to advertise their services specific to their communities.  These senior service providers will be part of a limited number of advertisers and seniors and their families will be able to visit and begin their online search of specific services within the community they are interested.

As more and more advertisers join the network, it will offer seniors a greater method of identifying the providers.  As the program was developed, it took into account over 160 senior service businesses and has them available for any Canadian city that a senior service provider elects to be listed under.  In time, the senior service database will provide a simple and easy method of identifying businesses and communicate with them.

How does the search happen?
1. Head over to
2. Select your Province you want to search results
3. Enter the city you want the results for
4. A drop down of services will appear – select the business type you are interested in (if there are no business types listed – there are no senior service providers registered – try another city!)
5. You are free to view the identified service providers and select the one you feel would be the best fit OR feel free to contact all of them.

Once you have completed your search or if searching is a challenge for you, be sure to visit the rest of the website in particular the senior housing database and the seniors consulting program, where consultants are ready to assist you in managing the challenges you or your loved one is experiencing.
An example of senior services that are listed on the site cover areas specific to working with seniors and may include:  Seniors Real Estate (Accredited Senior Agent™), Personal Injury Law, Canadian Mesothelioma Claims, Mobile eye care – dentistry, My Dignity™ Home care insurance, PSW services, Decluttering, Content auctions, Podiatry, Family counselling, Estate/content, Executor assistance, Financial services, Reverse mortgages, Home care, Travel and more…
Keywords being targeted for this seniors services program offers its own challenges as many services targeting seniors are not part of a socially recognize business type such as auto, insurance, medical, legal therefore it becomes challenging for seniors to search and identify these services as it is a culmination of many types of service industries.  It is our intention to break through this disconnect and begin recognition for keyword searches for senior services Toronto, senior services Calgary, senior services British Columbia, seniors services directory and more.

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