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As you seek professional assistance for any variety of reasons, it is important that you align yourself with services that can offer you the best results. has built a network of service providers that we feel may be able to serve you best.  For some providers, they have elected to receive training from Pivotal Aging Innovations Inc..  These training programs focus on working with older adults within their respected fields such as REALTORS® and  Move Managers receiving a designation of Accredited Senior Agent™ or MASTER Accredited Senior Agent™.  Mortgage professionals receive the Senior Mortgage Professional™ designation with others either receiving their governing body certification or education designations.   We have elected to offer you unique or best in service  for each category, eliminating the confusing and distracting process of locating appropriate services.*

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*Disclaimer:, its owners or affiliates do not take responsibility for Resource/Service Partner performance.  You are advised, at all times, to seek independent, professional advice prior to engaging any services. MAY receive a referral or finder’s fee from its advertising partners.

Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority (RHRA) (Ontario)


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