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Esther Goldstein

Esther K.H. Goldstein B.Sc., B.S.W., RSW. Owner Senioropolis Inc., Partner Lifestyle 55+ Network Inc., Lead Consultant and Trainer for SCA Consulting Program:

Esther obtained a bachelor degree in science from the University of Toronto in 1986 and in Social Work from Ryerson University in 1990. She is a registered member of the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers. Esther worked as a hospital social worker in the Greater Toronto Area for 12 years, primarily with the geriatric population. A significant portion of her work involved counselling senior clients and their families about the difficult task of relocating to care homes and assisting them with the placement process. As Ontario's health care system evolved, people began turning to the private sector to care for their elderly that could not be managed at home. Information about retirement homes and many other private services was limited and hard to find so Esther created the ‘Senioropolis’ Guide and out of a need she had for this information. Over time the book and site evolved and expanded. The publication became well-know and is often referred to as  ‘The little red book’ where users can find answers to any question they may have about retirement living and many of the homes in Ontario.

Esther was a member of the Stakeholders Advisory Council (SAC) of Ontario’s Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority since the Fall of 2013. At the end of 2016, Esther was appointed Chair of SAC, a position she continued to hold through the end of 2019 when her term on the Council ended. Additionally, Esther volunteers her time as a member of the Board of Directors of The International Breastfeeding Centre in Toronto.

2017 saw Esther expand Senioropolis Inc. in the development of In 2019, Esther and Paul Cutajar incorporated Lifestyle 55+ Network Inc. in order to expand the Senioroplis reach as well as to offer a new level of services to professionals and families.


Paul Cutajar

Paul Cutajar: MASTER-Accredited Senior Agent™ - Seniors Real Estate.  Certified Executor Advisor (CEA). Partner of Lifestyle55+ Network Inc. and Pivotal Aging Innovations Inc.

After years of working in the Seniors real estate industry as an Accredited Senior Agent™ and Canada’s first MASTER Accredited Senior Agent™, Paul and his associates integrated many of the courses and programs relating to seniors in transitions into Pivotal Aging Innovations Inc. in order to offer the many services older adults require when transitioning.

With a focus on being person-centred, Pivotal offers professionals an opportunity to learn how to work with older adults. Paul is instrumental in seeking and partnering with resources that empower care providers and older adults. As such, Paul and Esther began developing the portal and services you see today as

Under the services of Pivotal Aging Innovations Inc., and Lifestyle55+ Network Inc., older adults and their families have an opportunity to access education, dementia therapy programs, consulting services, real estate, financial services, care access and unique industry programs related to the aging market. Professionals benefit from programs such as Pivotal’s W.R.A.F.T. (wounds -restraints-abuse-falls & training) program, The Accredited Senior Agent™ Training Program (seniors real estate), affiliation with the Certified Executor Advisor Network™ (CEAN), compliance programs for LTC homes, retirement housing database including the Vacancy Program and Retirement Home transition service.

Paul Cutajar

Mitzy Dadoun: MASTER-Accredited Senior Agent™ - Seniors Real Estate. Certified Executor Advisor (CEA). Elder Planning Counsellor (EPC), Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA), Sales Team Leader for Resource and Corporate Advertising

Mitzy has over 30 years of experience working with business owners on Estate Planning and Corporate Succession Planning. As well, she works with clients who are 55+ and are transitioning and downsizing. Mitzy ensures that things are co-ordinated and sets them up for a fabulous future. She works with Executors of Estates to dispose of the Real Estate in the Estate and with a lot of divorcing couples who need assistance selling their property so they can move on with their new life. She is a great educator and networker, easily connecting with people in similar fields. To this end, Mitzy teaches the Accredited Senior Agent Program. Mitzy is the author of 6 books on real estate and investing and is working on her 7th book. She is certified by the John Maxwell Group as a coach and seminar leader.

Having focused her career on helping clients strategically, Mitzy saw a huge need for a locally-focused national resource database for seniors and their families. Recognizing the value of what Lifestyle 55+ Network Inc. has created with, Mitzy is excited to develop and grow a sales team as she takes on the role of Sales Team Leader for Resource and Corporate Advertisers.



Denise Bedard

Denise Bedard: Phd. (c) Health Rehabilitation Sciences Health & Aging; Mhs Organization Leadership; Ba Kin

With more than three decades of experience in the care of seniors, Denise Bedard is the past Director of Dearness Home where she and her team engaged in developing a Centre of Excellence in Long Term Care, in partnership with Western University and the community. Past President of the Federal/Provincial London Region Women’s Association and presenter to the Queen’s Park Legislative Committee Hearings on Bill 140 LTCHA in 2007, Denise has received recognition from the Government of Ontario with an award for Leading Women and Building Communities. Denise’s vision of systematizing the various workable treatment techniques for seniors’ caregivers, and creating a teachable methodology for this treatment has been her life’s work. This methodology forms the backbone of Pivotal Aging Innovations. She has her Master’s in Health Studies Leadership and is working toward completing her PhD, specializing in Health and Aging, with a strong focus on People-Centred Care and Geriatrics.  Denise is also the founder of the Canadian Seniors Association.

Canadian Seniors Association