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Thank you for accessing the website. is owned by Lifestyle 55+ Network Inc., an Ontario limited company ( This Privacy Policy explains how we collect and use your personal information through our online resource. It also explains the steps we have taken to secure your personal information. Finally, this Privacy Policy explains your options regarding the collection and use of your personal information. By visiting directly or through another site, you are accepting the practices described in this Policy. We encourage you to visit this privacy policy every so often, so you will be aware of any changes and updates to it.

This privacy policy applies to only. It does not apply to any offline collection of your personal information. Please see below for details.

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We recommend that you read this policy for complete information on how we collect, use, share, and secure information. Here is a brief summary of basic points we think are relevant to most of our users:

Contents of this site are targeted mainly at Canadian users, in compliance with Canadian law.

Information Collection from Residences

We obtain on-line information about homes/residences/housing options either directly from administrative staff of the residences or, through reliable online resources. Lifestyle 55+ Network Inc. holds copyright to the information in its on-line database. The information is used on the website to provide a service to consumers who are searching for senior housing in Canada. Residences/Housing Options listed are encouraged to update and review their information regularly throughout the year. Any personal information obtained in the account set up section of the site is not shared with anyone and only used for to’s internal purposes.

Information Collection from Users

We never share or sell any personal information. Information or data sharing is not part of our business operations, in circumstances where we have your express permission to do so for the purposes of resource referral. There are links on the site allowing users to email resources and housing options directly. We are not responsible for what clients do with your information once you submit information to them. At this point there are no email forms going through our site that is directed to resources or housing options.

Several locations of to permit you to enter your email address for purposes of requesting information through our site. Those emails are sent directly to our email account. Your participation is completely voluntary, so you have a choice whether to participate and disclose information to us. Access to your personal information is restricted to only employees who need access to your personal information to perform a specific job.

We may use your personal information to communicate with you about our website. We may send you a service-related announcement on the rare occasions when it is necessary. If you submit your email address, we use it to deliver the information to you. We always permit you to unsubscribe or opt out of future emails. If you have submitted personal information to us online, you can always request that we delete it by emailing us at We do not sell, rent, trade, license or otherwise disclose your specific personal information.


A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer’s hard drive. A cookie is usually used to make browsing more enjoyable. You can set your browser to detect and reject cookies. Your browser’s help files will tell you how to set and change options with respect to cookies. When you set a cookie on this website, you will not have to log in with your password more than once. Your computer will store your password to our site on your hard-drive and will use it whenever it detects that you are in our site. All members of the site and all homes/residences that choose to update their own information are required to have a password.

This site uses Google Analytics to help us understand how you use the site and ways that we can improve your experience. Google Analytics cookies may track things such as how long you spend on the site and the pages that you visit so we can continue to produce engaging content.

For more information on Google Analytics cookies, see the official Google Analytics page.

It is important for us to understand statistics about how our members use our site and what they are looking for. This is the kind of data that cookies help us to track, making it possible to offer users the most relevant information about housing options and resources.

We also use social media buttons on this site that allow you to connect with your social network in various ways. For these to work, social media sites (including Facebook, Twitter and others) will set cookies through our site which may be used to enhance your profile on their site or contribute to the data they hold for various purposes outlined in their respective privacy policies.


All data is stored securely on our servers, using appropriate measures to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of data used by our system. When Lifestyle 55+ Network Inc. sends you emails, we may use tracking, cookies or a web beacon or these may be part of third party software we employ in bulk emailing. These only allow us to determine the number of people who open our emails and where traffic moves within our site. When you click on a link in an email, we may record this single response. All of these identifiers collect very limited information that helps us with our marketing initiatives and is likely to include no more than the time and date of a page being viewed and the name and location (url) of the page on which the Web Beacon resides. If you are concerned about this, you can disable identifiers by disabling HTML images or refusing HTML (use Text only) emails via your email software. While we use industry-standard precautions to safeguard your personal information, we cannot guarantee complete security. 100% complete security does not presently exist anywhere online or offline.

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Advertisements on the site may be provided by outside companies or may be designed by our staff. Advertisements may contain cookies but they are not accessible to Information about the number of people visiting the site &/or ads &/or specific residence pages may be made available to advertisers/residences who are part of the site. No personal information about site visitors is conveyed to advertisers.

Communication to Housing Communities and Advertisers

There are times where we may use the contact information provided by housing options to contact them for specific purposes related to our website. For example, we may use your telephone number, fax, email or address to convey information to you (or obtain information from you) for the purpose of collecting/updating information about your residence or conveying information about our website.

Data Collection

Information is entered into the website in one of two ways, either by the site administrator through a secure site administration page or by a housing setting contact person through their own portal. Only one contact person per home has access to their specific database and only the database connected with their email and password can be accessed by them. Each contact person is identified by his or her email address that they enter into our system and a secure private password. The password is only known to them and the site administrator. If they are affiliated with a larger company special permission from the administrator can be obtained to share this password with a specific head office staff person for the purpose of data entry and review. When the administrator is made aware that an employee is no longer working at a residence, the password is changed by the site administrator so that former employee can no longer enter that residence’s pages. It is the responsibility of the residence/housing option to inform us of a change of contact person/email address. When setting up an account to generate a password and access to our questionnaire, limited information related to employment of the contact person at that residence is obtained and only used for statistical purposes.

Contact Information

If users have questions or suggestions related to our privacy policy, we can be contacted at:

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