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Accessing and Comparing Retirement Living Options in Canada is like no other senior service portal!  It has been developed from years of experience working and networking the senior market and collaborates with 3 powerful organizations.  Senioropolis Inc., Pivotal Aging Innovations Inc. and the Canadian Seniors Association Inc.  The portal is the most complete database of retirement living solutions and services across Canada offering access to professionals and comprehensive information. For families challenged in deciding what to do next or how to transition a parent or loved one, the Pivotal Consulting Program offers families and individuals a flexible hand-holding service to identify goals and build a plan of action for success.  For visitors able to manage on their own but looking for professional services, our Senior Service Providers have proven to be senior-friendly, senior-trained and senior-focused.  Simply search and contact.

There are 3 ways to put to work for you!

Professional Access to Senior Housing Details

Ideal for professionals who work with seniors in transition, this option offers unbiased comprehensive information on thousands of housing options for seniors with details such as: contact information, accommodation, costs and amenities. 

Consulting Services for Individuals and Families

Understanding that families are challenged in discovering and navigating solutions for older adults in transition, this service offers you a professional consultant to discover your needs and assist you in achieving your goals.

Access to Senior Service Partners

We understand that it is hard to identify companies, organizations and services related to aging.  Here we have brought top solutions to the many areas of service required by a senior or family member.  Access is FREE and you can browse by Province and City.

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