Features to Look for When Buying a Home as a Senior

Features to Look for When Buying a Home as a Senior

Buying a home as a senior may be a challenging experience, and close attention must be paid to the property to ensure it meets your needs and future needs. Many individuals choose to age in place in their own homes, and seniors need to make informed decisions regarding the property where they will spend their retirement days. Regardless of Ageing In Place or purchasing a different property, the home must be safe, comfortable and practical to help seniors live a quality life. 
When buying a home as a senior, there are certain features you must look for, including the following:

Interior & Exterior Lighting

Various light sources are essential; these are some of the most critical features older homebuyers should look for. A dark home can be very dangerous, and seniors need optimal visibility to remain safe. Without proper lighting, something as simple as a pair of shoes on the floor can become a huge obstacle, and a well-lit interior is a must, as are big windows that allow natural light to come in.

Open Floor Space

Smaller spaces are harder to navigate, especially if the home has narrow hallways or tight corners. If mobility is a concern or someone in the home requires a walker, an open floor space is ideal.  Typically people seek a Bungalow style property, but in large Canadian cities this option may be very a challenge to acquire and expensive.  It is more readily available and affordable in smaller cities.
If Aging In Place, renovating to create a more open floor plan may be a option for some, while others may seek a Condo style property, perhaps on the ground level so as to avoid the elevator and to enjoy a ground floor patio…great for a family pet!

Slip Resistant Flooring

Slips and falls become more common as we get older, and as you look through different homes, you need to look for slip-resistant flooring. Seniors' Real Estate is a different field, and an experienced agent will help you look for this feature because they will understand its importance. This can include a specific slip-resistant tile, vinyl or surfaces that increase friction between the floor and the foot. 

Carpeting and area rungs could pose a safety hazard as they may offer too much friction or curled corners or area rungs that slip and slide.

Appropriate Toilet Height

Lower toilets can be hazardous and inaccessible to wheelchair users. Seniors' Real Estate Agents will look for elevated toilets; if this is not present, toilet replacement is an inexpensive project that can be completed. 

Bar Grips Or Handrails

Most falls occur inside a person's home, and seniors need to purchase bar grips or handrails to help them avoid accidents. This is especially important in slippery areas of a home, and you must secure bathrooms or areas with stairs. Bar grips and handrails can be installed easily. 

Easy-To-Grab Doorknobs

Many seniors have trouble with joint stiffness or arthritis, and round doorknobs are not popular for these reasons. Levered handles on doors are easier to grab and open and should be featured in the home.


Location is perhaps the most important aspect of Seniors' Real Estate because the location of your home will determine your lifestyle in the future. Most seniors prefer homes situated close to their children and grandchildren, and you should also consider the proximity to essential facilities like grocery stores, healthcare facilities and recreational sports. 
Transit or specialized transportation services should also be considered.


As we age, our environment changes.  Neighbours move, communities change, and our circle of friends seem to get smaller.  This poses an important factor that ALL seniors and their families should consider.  
How active will you be?
What supports do you have?
What type of schedule will you have to interact with others?
What do you need for your mental health?
These are just a few of the questions that should be considered when deciding on ageing in place, moving to another property or considering retirement home options.

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