How to Choose a Seniors’ Real Estate Agent

How to Choose a Seniors’ Real Estate Agent

When choosing a Seniors' Real Estate agent, you need to focus on professionals who work with senior clients and have the training and expertise to serve the needs of seniors and their families. The process of buying or selling a home is different for seniors, and a Real Estate Agent who specializes in first-time home buyers or luxury homes may not be ideal for this situation.

You should ask your REALTOR® if they have the Accredited Senior Agent™ or MASTER Accredited Senior Agent™ designation.  Both of these designations have been advanced and updated and are now called the Lifestyle55+ Affiliate and Lifestyle55+ MASTER designations.
Seniors' Real Estate Agents such as Lifestyle55+ Affiliates and Lifestyle55+ MASTERS accommodate the needs of their clients, and the following guide will help you select the right agent:

Make Sure the Real Estate Agent Specializes in Selling Seniors’ Homes

This type of agent will be better qualified to assist seniors with buying and selling a home and will understand the unique concerns that must be addressed. They will be specially trained through the Lifestyle55+ Affiliate or Lifestyle55+ MASTERS program, to consult and assist a senior client with their transition. They may also be able to offer additional services and systems to make the process as smooth, comfortable, and enjoyable as possible.  There are many options related to aging and these agents will be able to offer you a greater understanding and proper fit.

Make Sure They Can Work at Your Pace

A good REALTOR® will understand their clients' challenges and, if wanted or beneficial, will present information in a slower-paced format. The home selling and buying experience is complicated and involves many steps. For many older adults, the stress and the aggressive nature of the business can be overwhelming. Seniors' Real Estate Agents will take their time to ensure the client is comfortable. They will give their clients time to digest the information and never make them feel pressured or rushed. This will allow seniors and often their families, to understand every step thoroughly, and stress will not be a dominate factor of the process. 

Make Sure They Offer Encouragement and Guidance

Moving to another home is never easy, especially if a person has lived somewhere their whole life or for many years. Many decisions need to be made, and a reputable Seniors' Real Estate Agent will present their clients with options and encourage them to make wise decisions they are comfortable with. They will listen to your goals and present you with all options, which can include Downsizing options, Investment property options, Lifestyle communities, Retirement communities, Assisted living or Long-Term Care. 

Make Sure They Offer Contracts That Are Plain and Easy to Understand

Real Estate in general is full of contracts – legal clauses and negotiations.  A good Seniors' Real Estate Agent will sit down with all the contracts and present them in a larger typeface if requested. They will allow their clients to ask questions, share their concerns, and clearly explain what the client is about to sign. They will want their client to know what they are signing and why they are signing it. Good Seniors' Real Estate Agents will never pressure their clients to sign a contract without giving them lots of time to reflect or think about the decision. 

It Doesn’t Stop There!

In some cases, seniors real estate is about managing an estate.  An EXECUTOR may have been appointed to manage the estate.  In these cases, the surviving family members are brought into the details of a will.  The Executor is the person who will execute the wishes of the deceased and may face challenges in this execution.  If property is part of the disposal process, the beneficiaries and the executor may face Probate.  It is very important that the REALTOR® you select is able to assist and understand the process in order for you to execute the sale within a reasonable time frame.

If you want to work with reputable Seniors' Real Estate Agents, will connect you with good agents who are ready to help. We provide seniors and their families with resources and useful information, and you will find a great Real Estate Agent through our site. Our featured agents specialize in Seniors' Real Estate and understand the needs, challenges, and difficulties of senior clients needs. 

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The Lifestyle55+ Affiliate and Lifestyle55+ MASTER program is a Canadian-based training program for professional services who work with older clientele.  Originally created as the Accredited Senior Agent™ program, Lifestyle55+ Network Inc. has advanced the original program and expanded the professional base in order to train professionals in better serving their senior clients.

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