How to Find a Downsizer

Downsizing from a large home to a smaller one (or a retirement setting) can be both physically difficult and extremely emotionally overwhelming, especially if you have lived in the same place for many years with possessions spread out throughout your home and furniture you need to dispose of.   If you are feeling that it is too big a job for you to do alone,  consider pairing with a professional downsizer to help you out!  Professional downsizers can help you to gain clarity on what you’re looking for in your mission to downsize and what you are best off moving without.  That being said because we all have different needs,  pairing with the right company is going to be crucial!

What is a downsizer?
            If you’re not entirely sure what the term means, then you aren’t alone!  This is a professional organizer who specifically focuses on helping people learn how to downsize their possessions as well as living accommodations.  It’s a collaboration and it focuses a lot on getting the right connection.

Take the time to find the person or company that is the best fit for you. Consider the following questions to ask yourself (and them) when you interview options.
  • Do they understand you and your needs? Everyone takes on downsizing in a different way.  Part of a downsizer’s role is to understand how you use your space, and how that need must be replicated in the new space.  As well, they need to recognize what needs you have that are (or aren’t) being met in your current space, and how to adjust for them in the new space.
  • What do they offer in terms of locations? Some downsizers focus on moving only in a location-specific area when giving support for downsizing possessions and moving, whereas others may be willing to work in many different areas to help you meet your needs.  If you are downsizing to a retirement setting, you may want to locate a downsizer who is familiar with the building, and the accommodations so that they can advise you based on their own knowledge and experience with the organization/residence.
  • Do they understand what you care about when downsizing?: In this case, we’re speaking more about possessions.  Downsizing your possessions is hard and it takes time and a lot of emotional output.  Does your downsizer understand this and respect the process?  Are they going to be respectful yet still push your boundaries to help you reach your goals?  Are they in line with what your final goal is when it comes to your possessions?  This all matters!
  • Are they prepared to work with seniors? Make sure that your downsizer understands that every senior citizen takes a different approach, and wants and needs different things.  Some want to downsize their possessions and move into a smaller home  Others are ready to move to a retirement community.  And some just want to make their current space more comfortable through decluttering. 

There is no such thing as one size fits all
            One of the key factors to look for in a professional downsizer is that they see every job as custom, and every task varies depending on the person and their situation.  It’s a challenging role to fill, but the right downsizer will be able to be your helping hand through whatever process you hire them for.  If someone doesn’t feel right for your needs, keep searching.  You deserve to have someone by your side that is going to be able to help you with this big job and change -- because it is one, and it needs careful attention to detail.

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