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Raj D. Financial Services Inc.

Let’s work together

For your long-term goals or your short-term needs, I will work with you to help discover the best strategy to meet your objectives. We’ll work together to understand your goals, prepare for the unexpected and take advantage of new opportunities – throughout your life.

You will benefit from my professional expertise and access to some of the industry’s leading insurance and investment products.

SeniorCareAccess Consulting Services

We offer a person-centred consulting program providing seniors and their families an opportunity to find guidance and assistance in managing resources and locating options.  The SCA Consulting Program is meant to assist seniors and their families in discovering what solutions are available to meet their needs and goals. SCA Consultants can offer a multitude of services such as lifestyle planning, best choice retirement home placement, mediation, care planning, real estate, estate planning, financial preservation, and more, basically being the first point of assistance in answering the questions of ‘What do we do? and Who can help us?’. Having a support system in place early on can save you time, money, and frustration.  Improve your quality of life!  Take the first step by calling or emailing us NOW! Professional referrals are welcome. 

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Bloom Reverse Mortgage™

A reverse mortgage allows seniors in Scarborough to access the wealth in their home to stay in the home they love.

Being able to age-in-place at home is the desired choice of most older homeowners in the GTA.

The costs of homecare can be out of reach for many, however, for those who own their own home, there is a solution.

If you live in Scarborough and are approaching retirement or are in retirement, there is a way to continue to enjoy your home and community while having more financial flexibility in retirement. 

A Bloom Reverse Mortgage is available to 55+ Canadians enabling them to access up to 55% of the value of their homes. Customers continue to own and live in their homes and reverse mortgages require no regular payments.

As home values have increased in Scarborough and across the Greater Toronto Area, many senior homeowners now have a tool available to them to fund costly later-life expenses like homecare and home accessibility renovations.

Also, a reverse mortgage can also be an ideal solution to cover the costs associated with long-term care when needed for a spouse while allowing the other partner to remain in the home.

Reverse mortgages can also be used for consolidating mortgage and credit card debt and even provide a down-payment gift to a family member. The funds are tax-free and can be used as you wish to help you stay in the home you love.

Could a reverse mortgage be the right solution for you or a loved one? Call a Bloom Customer Advocate or visit our website to learn whether this option could work for you.

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Mitzy Dadoun, EXP Realty, Brokerage

Mitzy Dadoun, EXP Realty, Brokerage

Why Choose a professional who specializes in ”Seniors” Real Estate?

Your home is likely the most valuable asset you have and it is likely that this asset will allow you to enter this new phase of your life with relative financial ease. It is important to remember that the needs of senior home sellers and their adult children, who often assist or handle these affairs, are different from those of younger home sellers. For those selling their long-term homes, there are many emotional and logistical issues on top of the legal and financial ones. It is very important to work with someone that understands the different facets of this process and can educate you and your family so that you can make informed decisions and choices.  Mitzy and her team specialize in working with seniors and their experience will simplify your life and reduce the stress normally associated with a Senior move. Mitzy is the author of several best-selling books and she would be pleased to give you a free copy of one of her books as her gift when you meet.

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