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Financing and Reverse Mortgages Mississauga, ON

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Dominion Lending Centres AC Mortgage Services

As an experienced, caring and dedicated mortgage specialist I can assist you and your family to answer important questions about your financial needs. Are you facing unexpected expenses as you grow older? If your home needs repairs, renovations, alterations for mobility reasons, you want to downsize your home or move closer to a care facility- I may have a solution. What would you do if you had a little extra money? Many senior Canadians live active lifestyles, want to travel, buy a cottage or dream home, have time for new hobbies, want to help family with a down payment, wedding expenses or tuition. I can help you accomplish your goals. Do you have enough money to enjoy retirement as you planned? The cost of living in Canada continues to rise and sometimes daily expenses can exceed our budgets. I can help you access equity in your home as tax-free cash and live your life your way. No regular mortgage payments are required, you maintain ownership of your home, can pay down debt, increase your cash flow and live the life you planned.

Phone: 416-356-4586

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