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Seniors Shifting Real Estate Milton, ON

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Seniors Shifting Real Estate

Ask any adult children who have travelled the road of shifting their aging parents into a new living environment and they will be the first to tell you, whether downsizing, retrofitting to age at home or moving to assisted living, it is anything but a typical real estate transaction. It calls for a knowledgeable professional, aware of the many different lifestyle options, financial programs available to help your aging parent, and an agent with the personal experience and emotional expertise needed to assist with this sensitive shift.  

As an Accredited Seniors Agent, I am equipped with the sensitivity, knowledge, and expertise to deal with seniors and their families through this journey. 

Only 1% of Realtors in Ontario are qualified to work with seniors in this capacity; as an Accredited Seniors Agent and I'm one of them. My name is Kim Brassor, founder of Seniors Shifting Real Estate, a transitional real estate company dedicated to ensuring your parents' next lifestyle shift is the right choice that is done right. My team of specialists and I look forward to hearing how we can help you and your parents shift into their new lifestyle. 

Phone: 289-400-3760

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