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This is a person-centred consulting program providing seniors and their families an opportunity to find guidance and assistance in managing resources. This is the starting point for many families in need of having their initial questions answered. The SCA Consulting Program is meant to assist seniors and their families discover what solutions are available to meet their needs and goals. SCA Consultants can offer a multitude of services such as lifestyle planning, best choice retirement home placement, mediation, care planning, real estate, estate planning, financial preservation, and more, basically being the first point of assistance in answering the questions of ‘What do we do? and Who can help us?’.  The initial one-hour consultation is at no charge; however, a fee will apply for the creation of a plan of action and the implementation of that plan.  Having a support system in place early on can save you time, money, and frustration.  Improve your quality of life!  Take the first step by calling or emailing us NOW! Professional referrals welcome. 

Phone: 844-585-7255

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Peterborough, ON

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