Sharp Hearing, Steady Steps: How Hearing Aids Reduce Fall Risk in Older Adults

If you've noticed a decline in your hearing, you might also be at an increased risk of falling. Research shows that older adults with mild hearing loss are more than twice as likely to fall. While the exact reason isn't entirely clear, it's well-known that falls are a leading cause of injury-related death among adults aged 65 and over.

New Hope: Hearing Aids May Offer Protection

The good news is that restoring your hearing through the use of hearing aids may offer significant protection against falls, especially with consistent use. A study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society found that people who wore hearing aids had a 50% reduced risk of experiencing falls compared to those who didn't use them. The benefit was even greater for those who wore their hearing aids for at least four hours a day, with a reduction in falls risk of up to 65%.

Prior research on the effectiveness of hearing aids in preventing falls yielded mixed results. One challenge is that many people who get hearing aids don't wear them consistently or abandon them altogether. Some people find the sound amplification difficult to adjust to, while others may be self-conscious about how they look with hearing aids.

The study highlights the importance of consistent hearing aid use. By examining people who wore their hearing aids a lot versus those who wore them less, the researchers were able to isolate the effects of consistent use. Their findings suggest that the more consistently people wear hearing aids, the greater the benefits they may experience in terms of fall prevention.

Consult a Doctor if You Experience Hearing Loss

If you are experiencing hearing loss, it's important to see a doctor to determine the underlying cause and discuss treatment options. Here are some signs that warrant a visit to the doctor:

  • Persistent hearing loss
  • Hearing loss in only one ear
  • Hearing loss accompanied by dizziness or balance problems
  • Hearing loss that significantly disrupts your daily activities

Canadian Resources for Hearing Loss

If you're concerned about hearing loss and live in Canada, here are some valuable resources:

Don't wait to address your hearing loss. If you're in Burlington, Ontario, consider contacting Hearing Well Matters for a comprehensive hearing assessment. They can be reached at (905) 681-4327.

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