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Group/Rest Homes in Markham

An unbiased directory of group/rest homes in Markham, Ontario.

Find the best options for retirement living in Markham and its surrounding areas.

There are many group/rest homes in Markham, read below for our comprehensive listings. is the largest directory for senior living options in Canada. We also offer consulting services to help you find the best options for your retirement.

Markham for-profit, not-for-profit retirement homes are listed as well as independent living, supportive housing, seniors’ condos, life lease, active adult lifestyle 55+ communities, full-service retirement living, assisted living and nursing care, memory care, long-term care, palliative care and multi-level communities. Costs can vary and not all services may be included in the basic fee. Seniors can choose to receive additional care at a retirement community through use of an external nursing care/home care agency as well as publicly funded health services.

For visitors who require the assistance of professional services, our Resource Directory lists Senior Service Providers who have proven to be senior-friendly, senior-trained or senior-focused. Simply search and contact (no membership fee required!)

Become a member now to get full access to our database, a complete list of features for each residence, and save your favourites and apply online.

Participation House - Markham - Farintosh Group Home

Participation House - Markham - Henderson Group Home

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