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Donna Baglieri - Seniors Real Estate Whitby

PLANNING YOUR NEXT STEPS… allow me to guide your transition.

Seniors Real Estate in Whitby - Understanding the unique needs of Seniors considering a Life transition as well as their Adult children, who most often are involved in handling these matters, requires not only specialized training but a true passion to want to serve and help these families (like yours) navigate comfortably through this next chapter in their lives.

As a Lifestyle 55+ Master Realtor, serving Durham Region for the last 35 years, I am proud and honored to be able to go beyond the role of a Realtor by taking my service to the next level, with specialized training and affiliation to a network of professionals dedicated to the needs of the aging adult, and being able to confidently assist adult children and their Senior parents make the best decision possible for them.

Planning for “What’s Next” or “When Life just gets in the Way” Making decisions by “Choice” or by “Circumstance” is the most critical piece of the planning process.  When/If you feel challenged in planning your parents next steps or if you are a Senior and would like to uncover all of your options,  I AM READY AND WILLING TO HELP!

Call today for a complimentary and personal one on one consultation.  I serve all areas within Durham region.  Seniors Real Estate Whitby

Lifestyle 55+ Professional Education Program for Senior Service Providers

Lifestyle 55+ Professional Education Program for Senior Service Providers

Many professionals have had to (by choice or circumstance) incorporate working with seniors into their practice in recent years, and many businesses old and new, aim to target seniors as part, or all of, their service provision. The best way for professionals and businesses to tap into this market in order to solve a problem their potential older customer has is to gain knowledge, have access to supporting resources, be part of a larger organization, and learn to market to their target client. There are service providers with excellent training and education within their industry, however many are not aware of niche educational opportunities, or the benefits of this type of education when working with their older clients. We offer unique programs designed for any professional who wants to start working with seniors, or who wants/needs to have more knowledge and focus when they work with older adults. Our experienced facilitators run the interactive course over Zoom over a 3-week period (1/2 a day/week). To register for our next course, or find out more visit our Training page.

Some of the services we train are:  REALTORS®  - Lawyers - Fianancial Services - Downsizers - Movers - Declutters - Therapists - Junk removal - Storage - Retirement Homes - Home care providers - Age in place - Mobility and more...

SeniorCareAccess Consulting Services

We offer a person-centred consulting program providing seniors and their families an opportunity to find guidance and assistance in managing resources and locating options.  The SCA Consulting Program is meant to assist seniors and their families in discovering what solutions are available to meet their needs and goals. SCA Consultants can offer a multitude of services such as lifestyle planning, best choice retirement home placement, mediation, care planning, real estate, estate planning, financial preservation, and more, basically being the first point of assistance in answering the questions of ‘What do we do? and Who can help us?’. Having a support system in place early on can save you time, money, and frustration.  Improve your quality of life!  Take the first step by calling or emailing us NOW! Professional referrals are welcome. 

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