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JUSTJUNK - Junk Removal Hamilton

Stuck with too much junk in Hamilton? Let the team of removal professionals from JUSTJUNK® Hamilton lend a helping hand today! Whatever needs to go, whether old furniture, appliances, electronics and more, and wherever it needs to be removed from, they can help. All the lifting, loading and disposal is provided - and they even donate!

With same and next day service, JUSTJUNK® in Hamilton makes removal quick and easy, booking online or by calling 905-543-4444 means that by the end of the day your junk can be gone in the blink of an eye.  
Lifestyle 55+ Professional Education Program for Senior Service Providers

Lifestyle 55+ Professional Education Program for Senior Service Providers

Many professionals have had to (by choice or circumstance) incorporate working with seniors into their practice in recent years, and many businesses old and new, aim to target seniors as part, or all of, their service provision. The best way for professionals and businesses to tap into this market in order to solve a problem their potential older customer has is to gain knowledge, have access to supporting resources, be part of a larger organization, and learn to market to their target client. There are service providers with excellent training and education within their industry, however many are not aware of niche educational opportunities, or the benefits of this type of education when working with their older clients. We offer unique programs designed for any professional who wants to start working with seniors, or who wants/needs to have more knowledge and focus when they work with older adults. Our experienced facilitators run the interactive course over Zoom over a 3-week period (1/2 a day/week). To register for our next course, or find out more visit our Training page.

Some of the services we train are:  REALTORS®  - Lawyers - Fianancial Services - Downsizers - Movers - Declutters - Therapists - Junk removal - Storage - Retirement Homes - Home care providers - Age in place - Mobility and more...

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