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Bloom - Reverse Mortgages Vancouver

Bloom offers an easy and simple way for Vancouver seniors to access some of their home equity to supplement their income in retirement.

With home prices increasing rapidly over the past few years, most homeowners in the Greater Vancouver Area and Vancouver Island are now beginning to realize just how much wealth they have built up in their homes.  By unlocking a portion of this equity, it allows for more financial flexibility in retirement.

Changing needs due to aging such as health or mobility concerns can be addressed. A reverse mortgage can be a great solution to provide funds to renovate a home so that accessibility renovations can keep seniors safe at home, without the need to move.

A reverse mortgage requires no monthly payments as is available to 55+ homeowners across British Columbia. 

Could a reverse mortgage be the right solution for you or a loved one? Call a Bloom Customer Advocate or visit our website to learn whether this option could work for you.

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