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Senior Housing Options in Beaumont: A comprehensive housing directory assisting older adults in Beaumont

Senior housing options are a crucial consideration for older adults in Beaumont as they seek comfortable and supportive living arrangements. These options offer senior housing solutions designed to meet the unique needs, preferences, and care of seniors. Whether it's independent living, assisted living, memory care, palliative or a more modern twist such as co-housing and co-living, understanding the different types of senior housing is essential for making informed choices about housing and care as we age.

Below is a description of senior housing plus access to the senior housing search directory.

We can begin to understand senior housing options by identifying them as: 1. Independent options and 2. Community funded Programs or not for profit.

1. Independent housing options provide Beaumont seniors with a wide range of considerations from full independent and active lifestyles to adding care supports to their independence. These options can include: Condo Suites, Life Lease, Co-Housing, Co-Living, Active Adult Lifestyle Communities, Seniors Buildings, Seniors Buildings (no care), Independent Living such as rental/purchase, Seniors Cooperative, and Retirement Homes.

The Retirement Homes sector provides the largest range of housing and supportive care outside of social programs. Although retirement homes differ in their pricing and levels of support, many offer support services as a service to their independent options such as: Short Stays, Trial Stays, Respite Care, Assisted Living, Independent Living, Memory Care, and Palliative Care including Hospice and End-of-Life Care.

2. Community funded Programs or not for profit provide Beaumont seniors with a range of housing options targeting housing and care as provided or supplemented by government or not for profit initiatives. These options can offer solutions based on financial ability, mental and physical disabilities, or inability for family to support. This also provides levels of care beyond that of independent housing and care supports. These options can include: Complex Care Unit, Complex Continuing Care, Long-Term Care, Supportive Housing, Transitional Care, Memory Care, Palliative Care, Rent Geared To Income

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The following language(s) can be found spoken in various retirement communities and seniors living options listed here on Senior Care Access: French

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Résidence à la Croisée du Bonheur

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Manoir du Coteau (Beaumont) Inc.

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