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Legal/Estate Planning

Wills (CA)- What is a will? A written legal document setting out what is to happen after death to his/her property and who will be guardian of children. A will must be in writing and should be dated and properly witnessed.
Powers of Attorney for Ontario (ON)- In Ontario there are two types of Powers of Attorney people need. A Power of Attorney for Personal Property is a legal document giving another person the authority to make decisions about your finances and property if you become unable to make those decisons yourself. A Power of Attorney for Personal Care gives someone else the authority to make decisions about your personal care i.e. medical, health and safety etc. if you become mentally incapable of making those decisions yourself. Both documents are important and necessary for all adults to have.
Who Decides When You Can't?: The Importance of Having a Power Of Attorney (ON)- Personal Choice. Self-determination.  Your right to decide about your own care; where you want to live; what you want to eat; who you want to look after you; where to spend your money "these choices and our ability to make them for ourselves, allow us to feel in control of our own life. They are the things most people take for granted; the things we think we will always be able to do for ourselves. But, what if one day you can't?"
Tips for Finding a Family Lawyer (CA)- There are some things in life that are just harder than others, especially when it comes to figuring out what is at stake.  When it comes to something such as family law, the right lawyer is going to be one of those things.
How to Find a Notary (CA)-   A notary (or notary public) is often, but not always a lawyer who is impartial and designated by the province they work in to verify that a document is legal.
Tips for Finding an Estate/Wills Lawyer (CA)-  If you think you’ll need an estate lawyer sometime in the near future, take the time to really get a feel for what you’re looking for so that you will be ready to make your choice without feeling rushed or desperate.  
Succession Planning (ON)- Succession planning may be the single most neglected aspect of business ownership.  Don’t make the same mistake that so many others do.  Instead, get started with your plans today.
Mesothelioma Claims: Types, How Much can you get, and Other Questions (CA)- Mesothelioma claims are made by mesothelioma patients and their families for the purpose of seeking compensation for their injuries.