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Caring for the Caregiver (CA)- It's most important that the caregiver, care for themselves as much as their loved one. First and foremost they must communicate with medical personnel, family, friends and their support network.
Achieving Quality Care (ON)- Relocating your loved one to a care facility is a difficult, stressful and emotional process. Finding the best place that can provide quality care for your loved one, takes time, tremendous effort and, even then, until they are settled in, worry prevails. Helping them adjust to their new home and ensuring that the care they receive is good are the main issues of concern once the move has happened.
How Important are your Documents? (CA)- One never knows when crisis will hit and you or someone other than yourself will need access to your important documents, but not have the time or ability to search for them. Be it an unexpected illness, hospitalization or something else - a purse can get stolen or lost, a home can get broken into....
Working Caregivers - Balance or Burn Out? (CA)- Putting the words "caregiving", "work" and "life balance" into the same sentence is almost comical. Yet it is no joke to manage all three at the same time. It is very hard, focussed work to be the caregiver that you think you need to be, productive in the workplace and still have time in your life to enjoy other things and other people.
Living with Family (CA)- It's difficult for most people to consider moving their loved ones into a "care setting". Many "˜boomers" grew up watching their parents provide care for their grandparents and either it was an assumption or expectation, that when the time came, they would do the same.
How Much Does In-Home Care Cost Per Hour? (CA)- This article targets families seeking information on the varying costs of home care in Canada - both skilled nursing and non-medical assistance.
What is a Personal Support Worker? (CA)- They wear scrubs. Different colours & patterns, with enough pockets to hold a pen, gloves and anything else they may need to help them with their job.