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Tips For Finding a Retirement Home In Ontario

Province: ON

We all want the best quality of life during our retirement years. Whether you’re planning for your own future or for your parents’, making wise choices is essential for enjoying this life stage.

As older adults stay active and healthier longer, a popular option for a place to live is a retirement home.  There are many important factors to consider when researching a home. Here are some tips that make the process easier, recommended by the Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority. They license and regulate retirement homes on behalf of the government of Ontario.

Plan. Make a list of the care services you need now or may need in the future. This can include anything from help with bathing to meal preparation and medication administration.

Consider. Now is also the time to think about what you would want in an ideal living environment. Be sure to think about the community, the size and type of building you want to live in, the accommodations you would prefer, and how far family or friends would be able to travel to visit. Can the home accommodate independent living and what does it offers residents in the way of events and community activities in addition to care services?  

Research. You can find out about the homes inspections reports, services offered and more for the more than 750 retirement homes in Ontario through the RHRA’s public register. Look up homes by name, license status, city or even postal code. Make note of any questions you would like to follow up on with your preferred residences.

Tour. Visit your top options in person. Many offer tours, meetings with staff, and even the opportunity to enjoy an activity or a meal. This will give you a better idea of whether the home is the right fit. Be sure to bring along your list of questions to make the most of your time.

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