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Subsidized Independent Senior Housing in Ontario

Province: ON


In Ontario, if you are on a limited income and need to relocate to a place that has rent geared to income, you may want to look at ‘Seniors Affordable Housing’ structures that are managed by local municipalities (which are the responsibility of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing). Contact information for Service Managers across Ontario who manage the social housing programs (there are 47 each assigned to a different municipality/area) can be found at or you can phone your municipality and ask for your local Service Manager. They can discuss waiting lists, applications, cost factors, and any other questions you may have about social housing in your area. You may also wish to check the websites for AdvantAge Ontario (, The Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association ( or Housing Connections ( to find out about additional options for (subsidized) independent seniors’ housing.

If you are looking for assistance locating a home or resources for your loved one, you can reach out to our consulting team at or visit our consulting page for more information. Our Discover 3 program offers decision-makers and seniors, an opportunity to have a professional consultant identify 3 housing solutions based on their needs. If you need more information on care options for seniors, retirement community, or long-term care visiting tips and/or if you are interested in organizing your loved one’s information using our Care Planning Workbook, visit our publications page for a list of options and downloads.
For additional questions, feel free to contact us at is Canada’s largest unbiased seniors’ housing database, offering consulting services, and both seniors’ service and housing directories for professionals, seniors, and their families.


Esther Goldstein, B.Sc., B.S.W., RSW


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