Seniors Real Estate: Agents trained in working with Older Adults

Seniors Real Estate: Agents trained in working with Older Adults

When those ‘young at heart’ consider a real estate transition, who do they turn to?  For the past 14 years the Accredited Senior Agent™ program has been educating Canadian REALTORS® in many areas considered important by older adults as they decide on possibly their most important move. The Toronto based company, Lifestyle55+ Network Inc., offers the Canadian REALTOR® training program as well as other programs for healthcare professionals, LTC homes and consulting services.  Lifestyle55+ Network Inc. has transitioned the Accredited Senior Agent™ to a more broad and focused training program called the Lifestyle55+ Affiliate program.

Accredited Senior Agents™ or Lifestyle55+ Affiliates are Licensed REALTORS® who have an interest in working with older adults.  They recognize that there are many factors involved when working with older adults that are very different when working with a first time buyer or a growing family.  Some of the information required covers an understanding of the future needs or available local housing options such as the different types of retirement residences, lifestyle choices or possible solutions, just to mention a few. 
The Pivotal-ASA™ program (Now the Lifestyle55+ Affiliate Program has also developed an elevated level of professional REALTOR® called the Master Accredited Senior Agent™ or Lifestyle55+ MASTERS.  These agents are more focused in providing solutions for clients.  They attend yearly meetings, participate in transition programs and have truly set themselves apart from the many REALTORS® clients may face.  The Master-ASA® is very dedicated to continuing education within the older adult marketplace.

Pivotal-ASA™’s or Lifestyle55+ Affiliate must meet a certain level of requirement such as In class or on line training of the program, they must begin developing a Network of Exceptional Specialists, must be in good standing with their real estate board and have a minimum of 3 years working as a REALTOR® (many have years or decades of real estate experience).  The Pivotal Master-ASA™ or Lifestyle55+ MASTERS program pulls from the Pivotal-ASA™ network agents who are showing themselves as being exceptional in working with older adults.  They must apply for and pass an interview process with the Lifestyle55+ Network Inc. principals, meet strict Licensing qualifications and pass the ‘Would I let you work with my mother’ test.  Master-ASA™’s also participates in yearly face-to-face education, webinars and exclusive on line sharing programs.  Master-ASA™’s truly offer unique solutions and 3rd party services typically not available to REALTORS®.

ASA™ and Master-ASA™’s offer all the typical real estate services one would expect; the true difference being that they are part of a larger network that understands older adults in transition.  They understand the time required in working with a senior may involve more than a typical transaction.  Lifestyle55+ Master-ASA™’s offer their service well before a typical transaction may occur and are often involved in asking the hard questions such as:  What does your future look like? Are Wills and Power of Attorney’s up to date? What happens to all of your ‘treasures’? Family conversations needed to get things moving? Type of housing options? Retirement Lifestyles that meet your current and future needs, financial considerations and most important, taking the time to understand you and how you need and want things done at a timeline that works for you.  Your local Lifestyle55+Master-Accredited Senior Agent™ is a great resource in finding solutions and managing a late in life move.

With all of the unique benefits Lifestyle55+ Affiliates / ASA™ and Master-ASA™’s offer, many simply include their expertise within their commission.  This brings added value to your transition over the standard REALTOR®.  For some clients, additional services or consulting may be required in order to make the transition smooth.  For these situations, Lifestyle55+ offers a consulting program where families can call upon more specific direction such as healthcare navigation, retirement lifestyle negotiations, Dementia programs and Essential Conversations™ designed to include difficult family members or situations. Older adults also face the challenges of when a partner passes and is faced with all the challenges at these difficult times – the Lifestyle55+ consultants and Lifestyle55+ Master-ASA™ can truly offer exceptional service during these times.

Lifestyle55+ Master-ASA™s are committed to delivering high quality, value packed resources and provide outstanding service empowering seniors and their families so that they can make the best decision for their future.  These agents truly excel in their services and are considered senior real estate specialists.

The Lifestyle55+ Affiliate -ASA™ and Lifestyle55+ Master-ASA™ is available through a network of individuals across Canada allowing Lifestyle55+ Network to deliver a unique referral program for seniors seeking REALTORS®

To connect with a Lifestyle55+ Affiliate /Accredited Senior Agent™ or Master-ASA™ near you, simply visit the SeniorCareAccess resources page to locate your city or call/email:
Paul Cutajar  844 585 7255
Paul Cutajar is a retired Licensed REALTOR® and principal owner of Lifestyle55+ Network Inc. with a focus on seniors real estate.  Paul has been instrumental in the deveopment of many Senior Real Estate programs as well as the Master Accredited Senior Agent™

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All REALTORS® are trainined in working with older adults as a Lifestyle55+ Affiliate, Accredited Senior Agent™, Lifestyle55+ MASTER or Seniors Real Estate Specialist
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Lifestyle 55+ Professional Education Program for Senior Service Providers

Lifestyle 55+ Professional Education Program for Senior Service Providers

Many professionals have had to (by choice or circumstance) incorporate working with seniors into their practice in recent years, and many businesses old and new, aim to target seniors as part, or all of, their service provision. The best way for professionals and businesses to tap into this market in order to solve a problem their potential older customer has is to gain knowledge, have access to supporting resources, be part of a larger organization, and learn to market to their target client. There are service providers with excellent training and education within their industry, however many are not aware of niche educational opportunities, or the benefits of this type of education when working with their older clients. We offer unique programs designed for any professional who wants to start working with seniors, or who wants/needs to have more knowledge and focus when they work with older adults. Our experienced facilitators run the interactive course over Zoom over a 3-week period (1/2 a day/week). To register for our next course, or find out more visit our Training page.

Some of the services we train are:  REALTORS®  - Lawyers - Fianancial Services - Downsizers - Movers - Declutters - Therapists - Junk removal - Storage - Retirement Homes - Home care providers - Age in place - Mobility and more...
SeniorCareAccess Senior Service Directory

SeniorCareAccess Senior Service Directory

Do you have a business specifically geared toward seniors? Or would you like to target the senior demographic? As a 'senior service search engine,' is a one-stop shop for seniors, their families, and the professionals who work with them. We are the first website in Canada, targetting housing options, resources, education, and consulting services specifically geared to the senior population. All advertisers in the Resource Directory also have an opportunity to contribute two general information articles to our article database containing backlinks and keywords for Google placement as well as unlimited blogs and photos to our sister site Appear in multiple cities, under multiple categories to promote your services to our users in any location you serve. Receive a media kit by contacting us via email or phone to discover the many benefits of advertising with us.  Pricing options to meet any budget. Marketing, Referrals, and Networking, all in one place!