Seniors Real Estate Training

Seniors Real Estate Training

Discover the Gold Standard in Seniors Real Estate with the Lifestyle55+ Affiliate Training Program

In the evolving realm of real estate, there's a demographic that needs special attention: our cherished seniors. They're not just any demographic; they hold decades of experiences, stories, and are in search of housing options that match their unique lifestyle needs. Catering to this segment requires an in-depth understanding and a particular skill set, something that's not typically covered in your generic real estate training.

Enter the Lifestyle55+ Affiliate Training Program.

Canada is home to a rising number of seniors, making up a significant portion of the housing market. As real estate professionals, recognizing and addressing their specific requirements can make a world of difference. But how can you master the art of Seniors Real Estate?

Professional Training Working with Seniors - The Key to Unlocking Success

The Lifestyle55+ Affiliate Training Program is not just another real estate course. It's a specialized Canadian training program for working with seniors. This comprehensive program equips you with:

  • Detailed insights into the senior housing market.
  • A unique perspective delivered by the owners of the program
  • Motivations of seniors and their families.
  • Understanding of the unique challenges and solutions for seniors relocating or downsizing and much more.

As we witness the Baby Boomer generation transitioning into their golden years, there's an increasing demand for real estate professionals who can empathize, understand, and cater to their unique needs. By undergoing this extensive training, you won't just be a real estate agent; you'll be a trusted advisor to an entire generation.

Join Us and Make a Difference

Offered several times throughout the year, the Lifestyle55+ Affiliate training program ensures that you can always register for a course that aligns with your schedule. By the end of the program, you'll not only possess the knowledge and expertise to guide seniors in their real estate decisions but also have a deeper understanding and appreciation of their life journeys, their challenges, solutions and supports.

Ready to embark on this rewarding venture? Register today at and become the go-to expert in Seniors Real Estate.

The Program is ALL Canadian and offered as Live-Online classes (VIA ZOOM).

Adding Seniors Real Estate to your tool box can be a very rewarding and lucrative opportunity - it's not for every REALTOR® but for those who get it...get it!

The Program also offers an advanced level for those who want to take it further.  Known as the Lifestyle55+ MASTERS, this program is olny offered to qualifying graduates of the Lifestyle55+ Affiliate program and is only offered once per year to a limited number.
Note: the Lifestyle55+ Affiliate and MASTER programs replaces the Accredited Senior Agent™ (ASA™) program.

For more details or to register for an upcoming course visit  or contact Paul Cutajar at