Saskatchewan Health Authority

Saskatchewan Health Authority


Home care in Saskatchewan is provided by the provincial health authority. Available services include: assessments, case management, care coordination, nursing, personal care, therapies, volunteer programs and meal service. Depending on the service and the client’s income, a cost to the client may be involved though there is the opportunity for people to apply for a subsidy if they cannot afford the fee. There is no cost if the service is provided by a professional (e.g. RN or Therapist) or a volunteer.[1]

Saskatchewan also has the option of ‘individualized funding’ whereby you would receive money directly to manage your non-professional support services such as personal/home care. The client would then purchase their services directly from an agency of their choice. The amount of funding received is based on ‘assessed need’. For information on individualized funding visit For additional information on home care services available in your area, eligibility and any cost factors, contact the HealthLine ( at 811 from your telephone or use the chart below to contact your local health authority[2].


Health Authority[3]                                                                                Phone Number

Athabasca Health Authority                                                       (306) 439-2200 

Cypress Health Region                                                             (306) 778-5100

Five Hills Health Region                                                            (306) 694-0296

Heartland Health Region                                                           (306) 882-4111

Keewatin Yatthé Heath Region                                                  (306) 235-2220

Kelsey Trail Health Region                                                        (306) 873-6600

Mamawetan Churchill River Health Region                                 (306) 425-2422

Prairie North Health Region                                                      (306) 446-6606

Prince Albert Parkland Health Region                                        (306) 765-6400

Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region                                              (306) 332-3307

Saskatoon Health Region                                                         (306) 655-4346

Sun Country Health Region                                                       (306) 842-8399

Sunrise Health Region                                                              (306) 786-0711

[1]Within each health authority there are many sub-offices divided by area. The phone numbers provided in this chart are either a head office general information number or a number for one specific location where they can provide you with the direct number to home care services in your neighbourhood.

[3] Information obtained from: (July 2019).

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