Retirement Living in Hamilton, Ontario

Retirement Living in Hamilton, Ontario

Retirement Living in Hamilton, Ontario.
Hamilton, Ontario is home to approximately 767,000 people with a portion of that being seniors.  It is estimated that by the year 2041 the senior population (aged 55+) will be approximately 260,000.  Hamilton will need to continue its development in offering senior friendly services, amenities and activities.

Hamilton is also home to over 100 waterfalls thanks to the geographical positioning within the Niagara Escarpment.  The same escarpment that makes up the might Niagara Falls .  As you can imagine, waterfalls offer wonderful outdoor exposure, exercise and photo opportunities.  Here is a list of the waterfalls in Hamilton:

Hamilton offers seniors a list of community supports such as:  Community centres, religious groups, transportation and support services.  Many of these services can be found at the Hamilton city’s website.  A unique seniors service provider is  Hamilton families can engage (fees apply) with professional senior consultants able to assist in navigation of services, senior housing choices, age in place opportunity and more.
Hamilton is also home to more than 50 housing options dedicated to seniors (Hamilton Retirement Homes), these can also be viewed on the website offering a directory of searchable retirement homes.  One of those retirement homes is known as The Wellington Retirement Home.

The Wellington Retirement Home offers both retirement and long term care options with the retirement home customizing options for independent living and assisted living options.  Being part of the Hamilton community since 1991, it is an integral support service to the senior community and those who call Hamilton home.

The Wellington offers a unique virtual tour experience allowing visitors to ‘virtually walk through the retirement home’ and connect with staff from the comfort of their current home.  The idea is to allow families to experience The Wellington within their safe and comfortable environment allowing them to prepare to the decision for an onsite visit.  Seniors and their families can experience this 3D virtual tour by visiting here.

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if you would like to know more about The Wellington Retirement Home feel free to contact them by visiting their website or calling them at: 905 385 2111