Redefining Luxury - Discover Delmanor: Ontario Retirement Communities and Assisted Living

In the ever-evolving landscape of senior living, Delmanor shines as a beacon of luxury and care. With multiple upscale retirement communities throughout Ontario, Canada, Delmanor isn't merely a provider of senior apartments—it's a purveyor of enriched lifestyles. Let us, at, guide you through Delmanor’s premium locations, offering a glimpse into the epitome of luxurious retirement living.  Delmanor is a division of Tridel® Group of Companies

Delmanor: Elegance Meets Comfort in Retirement Living 

Delmanor takes the concept of retirement homes to a new level, merging the best of independent living and assisted living. Offering a plethora of services and amenities, Delmanor epitomizes comfort, community, and convenience for seniors. 

Delmanor's Premium Locations: A Closer Look 

Each Delmanor community has unique attributes, yet all are bound by a commitment to excellence while enhancing the communities they are members of.  These cities include Toronto, Aurora, Oakville, North York, Etobicoke, and Richmond Hill. 

Delmanor Northtown 

Nestled in North York, Delmanor Northtown pairs the bustle of city life with the tranquility of suburban living. With a host of amenities such as wellness programs, fine dining, and comprehensive healthcare services, Northtown redefines the idea of senior housing. 

Delmanor Elgin Mills 

 Located in Richmond Hill, Delmanor Elgin Mills crafts a serene living   experience for seniors. Amenities range from a fitness centre to a   well-  stocked library and full-service dining room. With a lively social   calendar, seniors can engage in meaningful activities that promote a   sense of community and personal growth. Offering Assisted Living,   Independent Living for rent, Memory Care, Respite, and trial stays. 


Delmanor Wynford 

 Delmanor Wynford, situated in the heart of Toronto, offers residents a taste   of the cosmopolitan lifestyle. From premium dining experiences to cultural   attractions, seniors can relish the vibrancy of city life while enjoying round-   the-clock nursing support and an array of wellness programs. 

Delmanor Prince Edward

 Located in Etobicoke, Delmanor Prince Edward merges stunning views with   top-  tier amenities. This retirement community goes beyond standard elderly   care, offering wellness spas, a library, a golf green, and a rooftop terrace that   provides an unmatched city panorama. 


Delmanor Glen Abbey 

 Oakville's Delmanor Glen Abbey brings residents closer to nature with its   beautifully landscaped gardens and walking paths. The premium facilities   extend to well-appointed suites, an indoor pool, and a wellness center,   promoting a healthy and luxurious retirement lifestyle. 


Delmanor Aurora 

 The newest addition to the family, Delmanor Aurora, exemplifies the fusion of   modern comfort and rustic charm. With a commitment to superior care and   vibrant living, Delmanor Aurora provides seniors with a high-quality life,   reflecting the heart of Delmanor's mission. 


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