Personal Care Homes in Saskatchewan

Personal Care Homes in Saskatchewan


Personal Care Homes in Saskatchewan are much like Retirement Homes in other provinces. They are privately owned businesses but require a license and follow regulations set out in The Personal Care Homes Act. They provide accommodation, meals, personal care supervision, assistance, or support and are generally for people who have light care needs; however, there are some settings that can manage those who require heavier care. The provincial Ministry of Health is responsible for licensing, monitoring, inspecting, and ensuring compliance with legislation. As well, the Ministry maintains a publicly accessible database of Personal Care Homes, their contact information, costs, and inspection records at

As with other provinces, homes are both for-profit and not-for-profit. There is no minimum or maximum number of beds a licenced home can have. Many homes are small with only a handful of residents while there are others that are corporately owned by large companies with many residents. Admission criteria and monthly cost varies and is determined by the owner/operator based on services, care available, and other factors.

Seniors with a low income can apply for the Personal Care Home Benefit (PCHB) to supplement the cost of living
in a Personal Care Home. Eligibility is based on marital status and monthly income. “This benefit supplements the difference between a senior’s monthly income and a threshold of $2,000 per month”[1] For information on applying for the PCHB visit

If there are any concerns an individual has with a home, they can complete a complaint form and submit it to the Ministry who will review it and investigate if required. The complaint form can be found at


[1] Information obtained and quoted from: (July 2019).

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