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In a time of social isolation and physical distancing, staying connected is more important than ever. Parkland on the Glen and Parkland Eglinton West recently launched Parkland TV, a dedicated cable station that features custom content designed to keep residents connected and entertained in their suites.
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Elliot Kavanagh, Brand Integrity Manager at Shannex says Parkland TV came to life after realizing residents could potentially be in isolation and missing their regular activities around the campus. “Being in isolation can be incredibly poor for your health, both mentally and physically,” says Elliot.
Amanda Taurins is a wellness coach at Parkland on the Glen and says residents have been enjoying Parkland TV so far. “We’ve been using it to share upcoming events, share general information and schedule programs since right now we can’t have any in-person programming,” says Amanda. “We have exercise videos, a comedy corner and an armchair travel series which has been really popular with the residents.”  
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Because Parkland TV is virtual, wellness coaches from across the company have been creating content and coming up with ideas to share with residents at the two participating campuses. “Every day is a different face,” says Amanda. “Everyone is contributing as a team to create content. It’s been really nice to see everyone come together.”  
All Parkland campuses are expected to have Parkland TV by Summer 2021.
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