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Another housing opportunity for independent seniors is essentially a combination of retirement living and condominium ownership. Developers are building independent condominium units (as townhomes or apartment buildings) that are specifically geared toward seniors. Many will have senior-friendly special features such as grab bars in the bathroom, lower light switches, and easy-to-turn door handles. Most will have a choice of service packages/amenities included for a set monthly fee. Suites all have full kitchens, but some structures also have meal packages (in on-site restaurants) available to residents. Some are affiliated with, built next door to, or on the same property as, retirement residences where amenities can be accessed; most can provide extra care, if necessary, for a fee. While these complexes are geared to the independent senior, they also have the potential for some Aging in Place. 

If you are looking for assistance locating a home or resources for your loved one, you can reach out to our consulting team at or visit our consulting page for more information. Our Discover 3 program offers decision-makers and seniors, an opportunity to have a professional consultant identify 3 housing solutions based on their needs. If you need more information on care options for seniors, retirement community, or long-term care visiting tips and/or if you are interested in organizing your loved one’s information using our Care Planning Workbook, visit our publications page for a list of options and downloads.
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Esther Goldstein, B.Sc., B.S.W., RSW


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