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Long-Term Care in Alberta

Province: AB


Long-term care residences (nursing homes) in Alberta provide care for those who have complex health needs that deem them unable to live at home or in a supportive living facility. As in other provinces, long-term care homes provide 24-hour on-site care and are staffed by Registered Nurses. All long-term care operators are required to meet provincial Long-Term Care Accommodation Standards (April 2010) in the areas of their physical environment, hospitality services, safety services, personal services, coordination and referral services, residential services, human resources and management and administration[1]. In all there are 30 standards. Additionally, long-term care homes must also comply with Alberta’s Continuing Care Health Services Standards[2].

Long-term care and designated supportive living ‘accommodation’ fees are set by the government annually. As of July 1, 2019, the cost is as follows:  Private room - $68.00/day; semi-private - $58.85/month; standard - $55.90/day. Subsidies may be available based on an individual’s income. Those wishing to have their care needs assessed &/or to find out if they are eligible to move into a long-term care facility can contact Alberta Health Services. For information on accessing Continuing Care in Alberta visit


[1] For information on these standards visit

[2] For information on these standards visit

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