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Key Factors When Selecting a Retirement Residence

Province: CA

People often ask, "What are the most important things to look for when searching for a retirement home?"

The answer to this is rather difficult since there are so many factors that are so very important when searching for a new home. Many of these factors are based on personal choice and personal needs. We have created a list of "250 Questions to Ask"  and included it as a separate download on this website (see tab for Publications). However, if I had to narrow it down to the three most important factors to keep in mind or questions to ask, they would be:

1. Can my needs be met now and in the future? (Change is hard for anyone. Seniors should not have to keep moving if their health declines and so you want to know how long you can stay - if a home will ask you to leave the minute you require extra care, then it may not be the place for you.)
2. Can I afford the monthly rent and the extra costs for things that are not included (TV, phone, incidentals, transportation) - and if my needs increase can I afford the costs for extra care? If you can't, then don't even look at it. It will just show you what you can't have - not what you can look at as a possibility.
3. Talk to residents and families - they are your best ambassadors - only they know what daily life is like - Do they like the home and is it meeting their needs? - why or why not? If you can't speak to any residents or families while you are on a tour, ask the administrator to provide you with references that you can call on your own.

For other ideas on questions to ask and things to consider, please see our extensive list of downloadable questions in the Online Store section of this website.

Esther Goldstein, B.Sc., B.S.W., RSW


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