Campuses of Care - Innovative Seniors Housing in British Columbia

Campuses of Care - Innovative Seniors Housing in British Columbia

As our senior population is growing, different needs are emerging. The recognition of people’s desire to 'age in place' and keep loved ones at different care levels in close proximity to one another for their health and well-being, has fueled the emergence of Campuses of Care. 

Essentially, different levels of care are available in one complex so seniors can move within the site should their needs change over time. Additionally, spouses at different levels can both reside in the same complex even if their accommodation is not in the same unit. This allows for easy visiting and even an opportunity to have some meals together if desired. Campuses of Care consist of independent living units assisted living and residential care. Many have units that are government-subsidized. 

A goal of these developments is to create a ‘community’ where residents and staff support one another. For more information on Campuses of Care visit  or contact your Local Health Authority. 

If you are looking for assistance locating a home or resources for your loved one, you can reach out to our consulting team at or visit our consulting page for more information. Our Discover 3 program offers decision-makers and seniors, an opportunity to have a professional consultant identify 3 housing solutions based on their needs. If you need more information on care options for seniors, retirement community, or long-term care visiting tips and/or if you are interested in organizing your loved one’s information using our Care Planning Workbook, visit our publications page for a list of options and downloads.
For additional questions, feel free to contact us at is Canada’s largest unbiased seniors’ housing database, offering consulting services, and both seniors’ service and housing directories for professionals, seniors, and their families.


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