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Arbourside Court comes together as a community.

Province: CA

During the Covid-19 pandemic, residents and team members of Arbourside Court in Surrey, BC had to come together and work as a community to adjust events and daily routines in accordance with safety protocols and social distancing. 

Residents have especially enjoyed recent craft-making sessions where beautiful summer beach wreaths and wood craftings were created. Although many changes had to be made, and we were only able to see half of each other’s faces, we were still able to adapt and enjoy safe coordinated activities like yoga classes and pyjama days! 

Although the west coast got hit with a heatwave where temperatures were uncomfortably high, residents and team members prevailed and happily welcomed visitors, which absolutely made the weekend more bearable!

As we are fortunate enough to have all residents and team members vaccinated as of June 10th, we are excited about the future and are able to enjoy some of our favourite activities that had to be halted. Residents are especially thrilled to have Bingo nights back and we are preparing and looking forward to our upcoming talent show, where we will be delighted to see the amazing talents of our residents. Even our chefs are looking forward to new experiences and testing out some delicious new desserts for our residents to try!

Over the next couple of months, we are excited to enjoy the sunshine together and continue to safely get back to fun activities and interactions with each other!


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