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SCA Consulting Program

Who would use this service?

Families:   The SCA Consulting Program is designed to assist seniors and their families in discovering what solutions are available to their particular needs and goals.

Professionals:  The SCA Consulting Program offers professionals working with older adults an opportunity to discover priorities and involved members.  Often, families need to have a concise plan in place before professional services may be engaged.  This is an ideal option for Lawyers, Realtors®, Insurance and Financial Advisors, Funeral Planners and Care Providers.

How would you use this service?

Families:  The SCA Consulting Program is simple, uncomplicated and empowering.  Families may engage the service when a loved one’s situation changes and identifying the next steps seems overwhelming.

Professionals:   The SCA Consulting Program should be added to your tool box of services.  When families or seniors seem to be stalling in moving forward, simply offer them a recommendation of our services and forward us their referral.  Referral forms here

What is the cost?

The SCA Consulting Program is designed to be financially accessible families and individuals.

The program offers a FREE 1 hour Discovery of Facts followed by a Plan of Action based on the information gathered.  Plan of Actions start at $1499.00 and scale according to the clients requirements.  In some cases an hourly rate may be offered or professional service subsidy may be used.

Areas of Assistance

  • Starting the conversation
  • Retirement home search/ transition/ placement
  • Empty nest planning
  • Dementia programs
  • Cohabitation of seniors or families
  • Leaseback programs
  • Real Estate (sale of property), transitions and downsizing
  • Out of Province service referral program
  • Adult children coping with aging parent(s)
  • Families need for accessibility
  • Financial review & preservation*
  • Healthcare navigation*
  • Healthcare Advocacy*
  • Next steps after the death of a spouse or partner
  • Organizing your life moving forward
  • Wills and Power of Attorney
  • Grey Divorce
  • Difficult family members / dispute resolution
  • Hoarding
  • Respite solutions

How does it work?

Building on being transparent, our process and pricing is simple yet flexible.  We offer a NO-CHARGE 1 hour discovery consultation with you and any others that you would like to include.  We will casually meet and begin to understand your story, who you are and the challenges you face. We will return to you with an ‘Action Plan’ outline, based on the information and goals discussed, as well as any suggestions.  For some, the solution is simple and may require a few additional consulting hours, while other situations may be more involved.  When deciding to move forward with the ‘Action Plan’, you will have a choice;  implement the full plan or only parts of it.  ‘Action Plan’ fees start at $1499.00 and may increase based on the details and 3rd party* involvement as may be required in achieving your goals or solutions to your challenges.  The ‘Action Plan’ outline will offer you strategic pricing check points so you will be able to assess the costs early on in the program and design the plan moving forward.
3rd party* fees are paid directly by the customer to the 3rd party, separate from any SCA fees.  These details will be presented in the ‘Action Plan’.

By simply reading this you have already begun taking your first step in the process and are now just one step away from connecting with us.

Simply call or email us now!
(No Charge and No Obligation). One of our advisors will connect with you shortly.

Interested in joining us in serving families?  Simply contact us and tell us about who you are and why you think you would be a great SCA consultant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What about my privacy?

A: All information is held in strict confidence and is subject to client disclosure forms and Privacy standards.

Q: How long will the initial consultation take?

A: That all depends on you, however we limit the FREE consultation to 1 hour.  Any additional hours will be billed as Consultation time at a rate of $110.00/hr or $27.50/15 minute increments.  You will always be advised prior to time overages or billable time.

Q: What areas do you cover?

A: Currently we may host in person meetings throughout the Toronto (GTA) – Burlington – Niagara and Abbotsford B.C. areas, however we are able to meet via phone or Internet meeting space offering services to many Canadians.

Q: What other professional services do you work with?

A: Through our extensive network we collaborate with:  Homecare – Healthcare – Senior focused REALTORS® known as Master Accredited Senior Agents™ or Accredited Senior Agents™ -  Senior focused Financial services – Lawyers and legal support – Mediators – Councillors – Doctors – Retirement Homes and communities – End of life services and many more!

Q: How long will you work with us?

A: The consulting program was designed to be available to as many families as possible.  While there are costs involved, we do not restrict you to a time period.  We will offer you a timeline as part of the ‘Action Plan’, however you are free to continue our services by engaging us on an hourly basis, when you need us.