How Much Does In-Home Care Cost Per Hour?

How Much Does In-Home Care Cost Per Hour?

For those with a senior in their life who requires some form of care in the home, there are several options available to consider. Each province has its own ‘Home and Community Care’ program, which is government-funded and managed. Clients do not pay for this service but will need to meet the criteria set out by their government (usually, this involves having a valid health card for that province, as well as health or physical needs that warrant the care) and will usually need to undergo some sort of assessment by a Care Coordinator who is part of that government agency. Funding comes from the provincial Ministry of Health, and the agency that administers it is called something different in each province (Health Authority/HCCSS etc.). There is usually a limited number of hours a client can expect to receive through this program, and in some cases, it may only be available on a short-term basis depending on the determined need, the available resources, and the specific rules and regulations of service provision.

For those who do not qualify or cannot obtain enough services from this government agency, they may have no choice but to hire assistance privately, either through a community agency which may be a non-profit and have subsidies or lower rates for certain services or from a private agency where no assistance is available, and the client is responsible for the full cost of care and services.

Each community will have variations of different services for seniors, including home health care, meal delivery, day programs, home support, transportation, personal alarms, and others.

The most costly of the extra services you may need to purchase are skilled nursing and non-medical in-home support to assist with activities of daily living. In an effort to provide some guidance about what the extra cost of non-government-funded /private care for a senior is across the country, we have researched pricing in each province for both non-medical (for example – assistance with personal care, housekeeping, meal preparation, etc.) and skilled nursing care. Please note this is meant as a guide only and strictly based on research we have conducted at; you may be able to locate care at either a higher or lower rate than what we have found. Pricing will vary by location, skills, and services required. You are advised to contact your local public and private senior care agency for exact pricing.

Cost of In-Home Care & Services Across Canada


Non-medical Care per Hour

Skilled Nursing Care per Hour


$25 - $30

$38 - $75

British Columbia

$15 - $37

$35 - $98


$19 - $28

$43 - $75

New Brunswick

$12 - $21

$30 - $ 71


$17 - $22

$35 - $70

Northwest Territories



Nova Scotia

$12 - $26

$34 - $80





$13 – $32

$30 - $100

Prince Edward Island

$17 - $24

$30 - $50


$3 - $28

$16 - $66


$18 - $34

$42 - $65




Disclaimer: These figures are directional only and should not be used for planning or budgeting.

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